Monday, September 13, 2010

This Weekend's Progress...

New Pinion support I had to buy because I broke the old one...

I spent plenty of time working, but it was mostly absorbed by cleaning. I did paint some of the parts I sandblasted including the axle center section, seat brackets and pedals with support. I also had some more surprises in the frame where the cab floor mounts bolt to the frame. I think I'm almost done finding rust on this pickup.

The last of the cab is dismembered and removed. Now the garage is full of scrap metal and the floor is trashed:

One of the patch panels I cut out of the old cab. I'll be using on the new cab. It is the support for the back window. Somehow the replacement cab's window support was bent and I'm worried that the window won't be able to seal if I don't fix it. This is overkill to fix a small problem, but it will work. All the outside (white) sheet metal will be removed from this part and it will be put on the new cab:

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