Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finished Main Rail Blasting

Tonight after work, I finished the blasting of the two main rails. I have a few places to make quick little repairs and then it's off to painting for them. As far as the rest of the pieces of the frame, I'm going to drop them off with a blaster to finish. I do not have time to do them.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Frame disassembly

I gave in to the concept of rebuilding the frame after it's disassembled. It was getting to complicated to leave the rear assembled and I wanted to move things along. So today, I completely separated the ladders from the main rails. Now, I can get into all the places Claycomo never painted that have rusted with time. By the end of the day tomorrow, I hope to have the main rails completely sandblasted and ready for paint. I will also be making plans to get the paint needed to finish the rails properly. The paint guy I trust recommended a DTM Urethane primer and chassis black. I'm going to look into a urethane topcoat as well in place of the chassis black. If I can flatten a urethane topcoat enough that it's not obscenely shiny, I'll go with it.