Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Found my engine

I found this engine close to home from a guy who said it has a blown head gasket. It turns over by hand now, so barring unforeseen circumstances, it should be rebuildable. I'll have to check it all out and have the heads and block checked for cracks. I ordered the module required to make it fire the coil packs and I'll plan on running a carb on top. It's a 5.4L DOHC engine from a 1999 Lincoln Navigator. When I get the 460 out of the pickup, I'll post a picture of the two engines sitting side by side. I think it will be interesting. Dimensionally, the 5.4 dwarfs the gigantic 460, even though 5.4 liters translates into just 330 cubic inches. It will probably be bored during the machining process which (depending on the amount of material removed) may round up to the next .1L of displacement yielding a 5.5L engine. I can't wait to crack it open, but patience wins the day. I need to get an engine hoist before I can even think about getting it out of the truck. Then, when it's on a stand, we'll see what's inside it.

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