Friday, September 24, 2010

How do you make a 460 look small?

Put it on a stand next to a 5.4L DOHC engine.
In nearly every dimension, the 5.4L is larger than the Big Block Ford. In this picture, the 5.4 doesn't even have an intake on it, yet, it makes the 460 look like a baby.
My decision to go with the 5.4 is not based on performance. I'm not looking to build a street monster. While the 5.4 is capable of massive horsepower numbers, in stock form, it's pretty tame. I'll be keeping it tame, but I hope it makes for good conversation. I performed the teardown tonight and will be posting those pics shortly. I also got the bed for the pickup picked up from the blaster along with the doors and hood. Pics of that won't go up until tomorrow...

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