Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Sandblasting

I got some pics of the frame sandblasting I did tonight before dark. It came out prety good. The rails are completely free of paint and rust all the way back to the first crossmember I haven't removed yet. Dust settled on the rear sections that I hadn't blasted yet making it look clean. I found out that I can run a couple bags through the blaster before the compressor heats up and starts pumping water into the mix. I haven't tried to dry out the air supply yet, but when I do, it's certain to work a whole lot faster and better. The frame is clean inside outside upside down. I'm happy with the results. In the coming days I'll be cleaning up the crossmembers I removed and figuring out what kind of paint I'm going to go with. I decided to finish the front of the frame rails before taking the rear sections apart. It's probably unnecessary, but I want to make sure I get the rails back together straight and true.

Sandblasting in the dark with no pics

Yesterday in the late afternoon and until dark, I sandblasted the frame. I was snapping pictures like a madman. If it wasn't for the cracked LCD on the garage camera, I might have also known that I had no memory card in the camera saving the pictures. I hope to have a chance to do some more blasting after work tonight.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I had a little time this evening to work on preparing the patch panels. The donor cab has an issue where the rear window mounts. Also, the dash is bad and the cowl is dented. As for tonight, I removed the back window support from the original cab and removed the dash panel from the section I cut out of the original cab. There are a lot of welds holding the dash in place. It is a lot of work to remove, but nice to have my unmolested dash in the finished product rather than fixing up the one that was botched up for a radio. I tried to do some cleaning on the frame but I gave up. I'll be blasting it on the driveway rather than trying to clean it up with the flap wheels.
With the dash removed: