Monday, September 6, 2010

This post is not for the faint of heart

Tonight I harvested the patch panels from the truck's original cab. It was a bit painful to cut it all up like that, but it really wasn't salvageable at my level of body proficiency. I am going to use the roof, dash, cowl and a couple patch panels from around the cab. I cut off the roof, cut off the dash and cut out the patches I'll need. The rest goes to the scrapper.

Grandpa used to referee basketball and football. Even since I was a little kid, I've thought of this crack as a goalpost on the windshield. Since I won't be reinstalling a cracked windshield, I might as well immortalize it here...

Here's the crack in the weatherstrip that let water in every time I drove it in the rain:

Last inspection:

Some kind of city sticker for the City of Grandview, MO:

Spare distributor cap tucked neatly in the cab behind the seat:

Someone stuck a coffee cup in the access hole for one of the fender bolts:

CB antenna?

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