Friday, August 27, 2010

Replacement Suspension

The donor vehicle:
Why someone would want cop car engines is beyond me...with their high mileage, hours and hours of idling and jackrabbit starts I'd consider them scrap...but I'm glad they did because it makes getting the suspension crossmember a breeze to get out.

Still assembled:

I found the replacement suspension today. It comes from a 2004 Crown Victoria police car. The benefits are rack and pinion steering, modular engine support, bigger police brakes, modern suspension geometry, modern braking, and getting rid of the tried and true Twin I Beam setup. The entire setup dropped out of the donor car in about 20 minutes because it's held in by four bolts, the steering shaft and a few bolts in the trailing end of the lower control arm. I picked up the kids, put them to bed and disassembled everything. Apparently, someone at the police garage thinks every bolt should be torqued to 500ft/lbs. It was very, very difficult to get all this stuff apart. It took almost 2 hours and one of the hubs is still stuck in the spindle. Tonight, I'll have to make a list all the replacement parts to make this stuff like new again.
Everything else:

There is a brace on each side of the top of the crossmember that stabilizes the top of the spring pocket to the top of the frame rail. Remove them only after the two main support bolts on each side have been removed from underneath. This piece can hold the entire setup up and make removing the main support bolts a lot easier.

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