Monday, August 16, 2010

Clean Steel Comes Back Home

It was a major pain in the butt since the bed was 3" wider than the trailer. Next time, I'll measure. The Passenger's side door made it as well tucked neatly in the bed. The blaster guys were nice enough to stay late so I could meet them after work. While there, I also picked up the cab, fenders, inner fenders, stone guard and upper grille panel. Overall the cab did well considering what one might expect of a truck in the rust belt, but not like I had hoped since I imported it from a drier world. There were a number of repairs made to it before I got it to patch a few holes (which I will redo) and to cover up the rust near the drip rails. I've found two kinds of truck parts. Straight, rusty ones and beat up, rust-free stuff. In this case, I'll take the dents since the original cab lost its overall structural integrity from rust.

And now for the damage:
Drip rail damage will be repaired. I may shave off the drip rails when I make these repairs.

More damage, bumps and bruises:

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  1. It's so cool to see this stuff cleaned up and made pretty again. I have no concept of the work this takes, but I love watching it happen.