Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Driver's Side Door

I found a new driver's side door on eBay tonight. They aren't reproduced, so it must be replaced with a rust-free original, or New Old Stock (basically parts that someone bought new from Ford a long time ago and let sit around without being installed). This door is NOS, still in the Ford primer. When it gets here, I'll have it blasted clean to match the rest of the parts I sent out. I think I have a source on a passenger's side NOS door, but they want over twice what I paid for the driver's side. I should suck it up though...I don't want the project to not get primer because I'm waiting on a door.
The passenger's side door I sandblasted turned out to be rusted in complicated areas that can't really be repaired. Also, it is dented on the inside where it would be visible when the door is shut. So, I have to source a replacement. There are plenty of used ones out there, but I'd prefer the NOS route so I don't have to work on it too much before installing.

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