Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recovering the Seats

The Passenger's Seat:Disassembled:
New Foam
Leaving my Mark:
Finished Seat Back...almost. Overnight last night, the seat back developed a wrinkle, seen in the upper left corner just above the inset pattern. It should be a major pain in the butt to redo. This seat back took me the entire duration of the movie Cars to do. It's never taken me so long to recover a seat, but I opted for new foam. The seat bottom needs to be welded up and blasted clean before I can upholster it.
Blue was never a factory color for the Pickups with the Ranger package. I think it was only beige, red or black. I also went with 1965 upholster rather than 1966. I like the '65 not having the faux woven inset pattern and I prefer the shade of blue available in 1965 over the 1966. The interior will be mostly blue with some white. The dash and painted parts of the doors will be white. The carpet, dash pad, door panels and door access panels will be blue. My hog ring pliers need to be replaced as well with a better quality set.

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