Friday, April 1, 2011

New Intake and Radiator arrives today

I got the intake in from Fedex. It looks pretty good as it should given it's cost. It's also not well suited to a street engine, but it's the only viable option I have to go with a carburetor. I mocked it all up on the kitchen table to get a feel for what it'll look like on the finished engine. I added the new carburetor that's been sitting around for about a year now waiting for an engine to feed. The intake was made by Sullivan but has recently been discontinued. There is also a couple new sets of wiring that came in today too. The rest of the wiring I ordered has been backordered.

I also got the radiator in. It is debatable whether or not it's really a trade up from the aluminum ones for sale. In all the pictures it looks like the original just using plastic tanks. This one has all sorts of extra ribbing on it. It will work fine for now, but eventually, I'll be shopping for another radiator.

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