Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Sandblasting

I got some pics of the frame sandblasting I did tonight before dark. It came out prety good. The rails are completely free of paint and rust all the way back to the first crossmember I haven't removed yet. Dust settled on the rear sections that I hadn't blasted yet making it look clean. I found out that I can run a couple bags through the blaster before the compressor heats up and starts pumping water into the mix. I haven't tried to dry out the air supply yet, but when I do, it's certain to work a whole lot faster and better. The frame is clean inside outside upside down. I'm happy with the results. In the coming days I'll be cleaning up the crossmembers I removed and figuring out what kind of paint I'm going to go with. I decided to finish the front of the frame rails before taking the rear sections apart. It's probably unnecessary, but I want to make sure I get the rails back together straight and true.

1 comment:

  1. Hi David
    Looks like you are going to end up with a great looking truck.
    I came across your blog because I am searching for a set of the bucket seat risers. I have a 66 Ranger that was unfortunatly changed to a bench seat. Is there any chance you could help me out by taking some measurements or pictures of your brackets. Would like to make a set for my truck. You can contact me
    Thanks alot and good luck with your ride.